Thursday, January 19, 2012

TamirFilms -"Silencio"

“Silencio” The Movement
By tamirfilms

We hope that “Silencio, The Bully Project” is going to be a film that ignites a movement. There is so much need out there across the nation—to organize, to have a way of creating a voice for families that are struggling with this issue.

We envision school-hall meetings across the country, where the film is able to spark a conversation that is honest and real but it doesn’t emerge out of crisis. I think all too often when people talk about bullying, it’s because there is death or some act of violence and everyone has their backs up. I think if we are able to enter into this community with the right partners I think we can have a huge impact. The goal is to just build this massive movement that has tools and that has actionable activity that can really help community.

(Tammy say's)
Please,become a part of this "Movement" and make a difference today, do your part by passing this on and let's Pay It Forward!

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